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Saab Live

19 May 2022

Saab Live Registration

We are pleased to invite you to Saab Live, an interactive webcast with our experts.

In early May, we performed a live firing demonstration of our Ground Combat weapon capabilities. Now, we would like to share this event with you, together with our experts, who can answer your questions live in our online chat or via email at

We will observe the live firing in representative environments of the shoulder fired support weapon systems Carl-Gustaf®, AT4 and NLAW. We’ll be showcasing the tactical use of the support weapon systems including the new programmable ammunition, HE 448, and fire control device, FCD 558, for the 84 mm Carl-Gustaf system.


Saab Live agenda

45–60 min live session at 09:00 and 15:00 CET (14:00 and 20:00 ICT; 03:00 and 9:00 EDT)

  • The Carl-Gustaf® system
    Whatever the mission, whatever the target

  • AT4
    The balance of power

  • NLAW
    Any tank, anywhere

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